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Scrim night invite only sign up
I'd like to sign up for scrim nights, **************
I would like to be invited for scrims. I used to play DoD with Legion, formerly Super we were still active. I played a few scrims in TDC, but was told to sign up here also if I want to start playing again. :3 My email is (***********) My handle is LegioN^.wav or Super|.wav if you guys remember super.
You should be added to the lists and start getting emails.
I thought you gave it to me Legion.
I would like to sign up for the scrim nights if possible. My duty schedule does not always allow me to have the same days off, but would play if I'm off. Thanks.

I would like to sign up, I currently get pw email for Saturdays but I cant make it on those days Sad (only tuesday, sometimes thursday)

<!-- e --><a href="mailto:ghostie83@gmail.com">ghostie83@gmail.com</a><!-- e -->
Can I be emailed the password for Tuesdays?
chachi would like to receive scrim passwords please
Need your email chachi
I would like the pw to be sent to my email for the scrims. Aka Big Rob . Thanks
Big Rob do we have your email. If not please post it here.
***************.com      Thanks....
Thanks Rob
Heys all!

I would love to be include in the invite only scrims. When you guys run these, it's where everyone is at and just about every other server dies. Well, except NEO but then I gotta hear Blake all day...so yes please! *************

I appreciate your consideration.

[Image: ?ui=2&ik=18a146c578&view=att&th=1647be8d...sp=safe&zw]
Thank you porkchop. Sending the pw now.

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