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  New map list
Posted by: {HK}recondesprayer - 04-04-2013, 04:22 PM - No Replies

You can find the new map list here

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  New Website
Posted by: {HK}HoLyCoW - 10-22-2012, 09:09 PM - Replies (14)

As some of you already heard (via the Facebook Group), I am working on a new forum for us. The software we are currently using is old and outdated.

The new software will have much of the basic forum functionality. At first, we might be missing some things, but in the end, I hope to have everything converted over.

One question that came up is whether or not our accounts will transfer over. I cannot guarantee that it will. However, because our old software is built on some other forum software, there IS A POSSIBILITY that I will be able to.

If not, you will all have to create new accounts and we can give permissions to those who need them. With the new site, you will also be able to log in via Twitter and/or Facebook (you will still be able to select your username on the site so that your real name won't show up).

Lastly, with work, school, real life and other things, I'm trying to work on the site during my free time and as quickly as possible. I HOPE to have the basics up by this weekend.

And I already have a list of features that I plan on implementing.

Please feel free to post below if there are any specific features that you would like to see as well.

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  New Recruitment Process
Posted by: {HK}recondesprayer - 07-29-2011, 07:54 PM - Replies (2)

New Recruitment Procedures:

1) There will not be direct inductions of sister clans or family members. They will have to wear the {HKReg} tag like everyone else.
2) Everyone must fill out an application which can be found in the "General Forums" on the web site.
3) Command will review applications and induct individuals based on these procedures.
4) Recruiting will be based on the outcome of a vote for the applicant, and the player has to have played on our server and have time listed in psycho-stats.
5) If the applicant fails to be inducted, a reasonable time of two months must pass before applying again.
6) All recruits will tag up with {HKReg} and must play at least 20 hours a month on our server in order to continue on to the full member process.
7) Dual clanning is accepted, but the other clan must be inactive ie; not playing DoD 1.3 (classic) of any kind.
8) After 30 days and meeting criteria a vote will go before the entire clan to induct a recruit as full member.

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  Scrim night invite only sign up
Posted by: {HK}recondesprayer - 07-15-2011, 08:23 AM - Replies (245)

We will be doing an invite only scrim after this Saturdays scrim. Please post if you would like to be included in the invite and include a current email address. Keep in mind that everyone who signs up might not be invited. These scrims were designed for our pub players and clan members to have fun. We are trying to get it back to that level. [/i]

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